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  • Blog Vs Socials?
    We decided quite some time ago that social media mostly does the job of low wordcount ‘blogs’. So posts here will be longer form as and when we think that’s necessary. We’re far too busy making music to be blogging AND social posting, and we don’t have corporate budgets in our sustainable model for social media people. It’s all us, so that our clients’ bills are kept as low as possible. To keep up to date with the latest news and releases, follow our socials on the floating links button bottom right.
  • Vocal Mics That Win Blind Shootouts
    We have vocal mics that win shootout contests. In the last blind test, supervised by Sirkus CEO K Robin Junga at De Montfort University the humble AT2020(apparently favoured by Billie Eilish, nearly outperformed the Neumann M147. It beat the Neumann U87, Neumann U67, AKG C12VR, AKG C414, Flea and £30K’s worth of other top mics. It was the first year in 8 years running that any Neumann mic broke into the top 4 blind choices of the group listening. So in real world recording decent ears are choosing mics that don’t fit many’s expectations. Go figure. For all the previous… Read More »Vocal Mics That Win Blind Shootouts
  • Sirkus First to Roadtest Amazing New CIA 15″ Studio Monitors
    The Custom Install Audio studio monitor critical listening tests are backing up the initial WOW factor. Detailed impressions to follow in a full blog on KJAMM Mastering when we’re done development tweaks with CIA owner, designer and proud Scot, Derek Alexander Wilson. His new patents and several years of R&D are behind the 40mm modal bending driver. Apparently the original concept came from a German developer in the 70s. Vorsprung durch Scotts Technik one might say 😉 Anyway, it’s crossing over to the 15″ sealed and super-damped woofer at 300Hz with steep linear phase crossovers and phase alignment all in… Read More »Sirkus First to Roadtest Amazing New CIA 15″ Studio Monitors
  • Soul Intent – Replicants EP (Lossless Music)
    Great new music coming out next Monday 12th October from Soul Intent – mastered here by Recharge Audio. Check the clips out on SoundCloud here:
  • Online or Attended Mastering Nottingham
    Source: KJAMM Mixing & Mastering Expert Mixing & Mastering – Attended or Online Purist digital-analogue expert top-down mixing & mastering Nottingham. Optimised for Vinyl, Streaming, Club & Radio Prices start from £30 per track. Your bill  won’t increase.  The fee we agree includes whatever you need e.g. CD standard 4416 Broadcast wavs,  4424, 9624 Hi-Def,  CDR master, DDP etc.  High quality 320 kb/s mp3s are included free. Usually with regular clients, it takes  1 or 2 drafts. Also with fixed fee online mastering you can tweak the mix  and  we rerun the master. It’s by far the best solution to a… Read More »Online or Attended Mastering Nottingham