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Online or Attended Mastering Nottingham

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KJAMM Mastering

Source: KJAMM Mixing & Mastering

Expert Mixing & Mastering – Attended or Online

Purist digital-analogue expert top-down mixing & mastering Nottingham. Optimised for Vinyl, Streaming, Club & Radio

Prices start from £30 per track. Your bill  won’t increase.  The fee we agree includes whatever you need e.g. CD standard 4416 Broadcast wavs,  4424, 9624 Hi-Def,  CDR master, DDP etc.  High quality 320 kb/s mp3s are included free. Usually with regular clients, it takes  1 or 2 drafts. Also with fixed fee online mastering you can tweak the mix  and  we rerun the master. It’s by far the best solution to a buried vocal, or a hi-hat that would kill bats if we got the right air around everything else. Just allow reasonable time to listen over a few days. Your masters need space to breathe while you make sure. 

The best place to check your masters is  systems you know well. It’s pointless showboating with great sounding monitors, only for it to sound pants when you bluetooth it in your car from Spotify or drop it in a club. I’ve been there… as the artist… back at a big Soho mastering house in the 90s.  Impressive looking kit but no referencing .. he must have golden ears right?

Lesson learnt, I then learned to master properly. He just didn’t give a monkeys about my project. I keep some of his major artist masters now to cheer me up when it’s a tough day – cos they sound so bad.

Expert Mixing & Mastering Engineer

There’s no magic secret. Mastering takes ability, discipline, years of experience .. and constant referencing to the types of tracks you want to sound like. And you will need some high-end kit. Even Glenn Schick doing something very similar on cans uses £4k Audeze headphones. He uses the same high grade plugins I’ve been using for 20 yrs. The mastering grade monitors and AKG headphones here as just as good in practice. Also, maybe you ought to think twice about paying someone to master until they can really mix? It’s not a stand-alone skill, it’s 360 immersion that counts. And good luck with the automated services. Automated mastering with Artificial Intelligence (AI) like LANDR is only really good at making your tracks sound like the average of the genre.

Experience That Gets Great Results

I don’t carry endorsements. Any kit praised on my social media or wbesite will be down to hard experience. Excellent equipment is crucial, but in a maze of amazing plugin emulations and dross DSP, gear choice  and workflow is my IP.  What gets consistent  results in this highly technical area is sheer experience. It’s a privilege to step into the world of your mix. It takes empathy and an ability to relate your musical space to  the best frequency, dynamics  and harmonic envelopes. Remember, music is art. Science just gives us tools. It’s what you do with them that helps gets you noticed. So you can access expert mastering – probably the most experienced mixing & mastering Nottingham has to offer – and you’ll get substantial discount if you’re an emerging artist or stat-up label. DM or email for a free consultation on getting your music to compete with the very best.

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