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Apple Accredited – MFiT – Mastered For iTunes Status

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Apple Digital masters Certified Sirkus Studios

Sirkus is now accredited as an  Accredited Apple Digital masters/ previously Apple Mastered for  iTunes (MFiT) Mastering House!

Apple Digital masters Certified Sirkus Studios

Since early summer actually, but we’ve been too busy to blog it. So contact us and any Sirkus based mastering engineer can now submit mastered for iTunes spec 24bit files direct to Apple via our portal. Or contact us if you want to discuss how we can get your iTunes or mp3 digital distribution masters or vinyl premasters to sound as close as possible to our full resolution hi-def 24bits.

We applaud Apple’s move toward higher quality masters:

We’re committed to delivering music as the artists and sound engineers intend it to be heard. Housed here are the information and tools necessary to create the highest-quality masters for iTunes. Learn more by reading the Mastered for iTunes technology brief.

.. Link  here

Did you realise that usually only experienced mastering engineers listening on high quality playback systems like ours at Sirkus can consistently tell the difference between  the sound of a 24bit lossless wav and a lossy 320kbs mp3 of the same song? But lots of people can tell 128kbs mp3s from full wavs on normal headphones and speakers. So don’t settle for OK, go for the best after spending all that time getting your high quality mixes sorted…

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