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Mastering grade pro audio putting musicians and producers first since 1997

Pic : Sirkus Red Room


Superb Mics &
Pre Amps
Thunderbolt Latency

XLN & Superior Drummer, Keys, Bass
Native Instruments

Stacks more..
Amp Emulation
Vocal Manipulation


Logic Pro

Plugin Alliance


Mastering Grade
20-20 Monitoring

Tuned Acoustics

Class Leading
Focusrite 192kHz DAs

Wavelab Pro


Top Saturators & Metering


Supporting emerging talent for 20 yrs

Low Income Discount

From £20/h inc producer/engineer

Dry hire From £150/day

Fully Licensed Plugin Packs

Public Liability Insurance

Sustainable Creativity

  • Overlooks Canning Circus – Buzzing Independent Sector
  • Daylight
  • Windows that open
  • Low EMF/WiFi Smog
  • Organic Coffee & Tea
  • Sustainable cleaning products & electricity that won’t damage you… or our environment

Professional Audio Reinvented >>> Work, Rest … & Play!

We ditched the analogue mixer 20 years ago. Top of the range analogue emulation & the very latest digital technology ensure this studio continues to be capable of producing the globally recognised and Billboard chart topping music we’ve been excelling at for quite a while now. Check the credits tab

BIg name mastering engineers finally seem to be touting the sonic purity of plugin emulations & mastering grade headphones. Where ya been all century guys?

Stay fresh and inspired to get really creative with your art

One of the Longest Established Recording Studios in Nottingham, UK

We were so jaded by years of working in airtight bunkers with ridiculous boxy sounding vocal booths or useless stippled foam everywhere and singers behind sterile glass, that we ripped up the recording studios rule book and built a facility where interaction of the people who make music comes first, and acoustics that do what they’re supposed to – simply let you hear & record audio clearly!

The Future Of Studio Production

We have some of the most highly praised vocal mics. All of them win vocal mic shootout contests against mics many just assume are great. In the last blind test, supervised by Sirkus Managing Director K Robin Junga at De Montfort University, our tube Rode NTK, humble Shure SM58 & the AT2020(!) outperformed the Neumann M147, U87, U67, AKG C12VR C414 and £30K’s worth of other top mics. Go figure. It’s the sound of each artist in each song that counts, not the price tag.

And we have superb preamps for vocals including the classic Drawmer 1960 variable-mu tube compressor. We have great drum mics & the rare ability to record them properly, but in the 21st century Superior Drummer, XLN Addictive Drums and even Keys and EZ Bass are far more important. Most of the drums you hear on the biggest tracks have been emulated by packages like these for many years.

True Sound

Real World Listening

You will hear the truth revealed with our pristine ‘air’ enabled Focusrite mic pres, 192kHz AD/DA converters and mastering grade monitoring accuracy. Super-fast waterfall plots & high slew rate power amps drive passive speakers direct from those high-end DA converters. This ensures you hear all the transients, all the punch and all masking issues, but with zero bass resonance from tuned ports… and no built-in limiters like those in many ‘studio grade’ powered monitors. There’s no ear fatigue either from overly bright tops and mids. The room is acoustically trapped & tuned to represent real world listening.

Legendary Monitors

  • Customised Celestion Ditton 25s
  • Tri-amped
  • Super Tight 12″ Bass Drivers
  • Club Style Passive Sub Extension
  • Isolated on concrete blocks
  • Yamaha NS10Ms
  • Auratone 5C MixCubes

Established at the very pinnacle of studio monitoring by the best ears in the business for decades… and for good reason.

Vast Pro Experience

The live/dead recording studios debate has raged for decades. We’re firmly in the live camp. So all this attention to detail results in a natural, controlled acoustic that means our mixes and masters translate exceptionally well to real listening spaces. You may find monitors is other recording studios in Nottingham and much further afield that are more expensive… and maybe more apparently flattering. But they won’t translate as well to the real world in our experience. The core Sirkus team of 5, including both directors, have 100+ yrs of top flight musicianship, pro audio & related academic research experience between them.

Make your own mind up

Working With Us

We operate a producer share model, so get in touch if you’re interested in becoming one of our select producers. Our producers contribute a fixed-fee per month for affordable, priority access to these awesome facilities. You’ll need to show us you have top musical, audio & people skills; and provide impeccable character references. Our producers set their own prices, but are expected to contribute a serious retrospective invoice when their work earns serious dollar. They also chip in with sweat equity when we’re upgrading etc. Proper teamwork, with high level pro audio and music business mentoring. That’s why we call it a cooperative model.

High-End Metering
For ALL Platforms

Current Producers

Boom For Real
Chisomo Music
KJAMM Mastering & Mixing

Coming Soon! – Room4

Flexible podcast/video/recording studio with daylight/blackouts, green/black/white screen for podcasts, video or performance/ installation/live full band recording & filming