Sirkus Studios night vibe

The Studio … Deconstructed

A studio that operates as a cooperative not an hourly rented electronic grotto. A place to hang, work and chill. A creative place, facilitating our  multifaceted audio pros and  music makers. The leading edge digital technology ensures this studio is capable of producing the highest def or  the dirtiest 12-bit analogue modelled weirdness. Totally your choice.

No Kit List Here!

We have good mics, high quality analogue front-end.  highend DSP and serious monitoring.  We’re happy to geek you to tears about ultra-shaped dither or beautiful/nasty tube harmonic distortion. But we like to make  music, not worship kit.

Some Sirkus Clients

AED records, Alistair The Optimist, Almunia, Alpha Ratz, amillionsons, Andy Whittle, Andrew Weatherall, Ann Summers, Ayvind Blikstad, BBC, Benjamin Wigley, Berry, Calling For Heroes, Chaka Khan, Clare Maguire, Clarks, Colorama, Coyote, Crazy P, Daniele Baldelli, Date Night Disco, Das Kino, Deadstock 33‘s, Dealmaker Records, Disconnected, DiY, DJ Guilio, DJ Rocca, DJ Steef, Doobie Bros, Earache, Earth The Californian Love Dream, EchoFactory, Electronic, Elementz, Emcee Killa, F Da Boss, FFRR, Floorman, Ford, Felix Dickinson, Fullfat, Gaffa, Gangsta Wraps, Gong, Imagination, Inland Knights, Hardway Bros, Hollywood Records, Hugh Pascal, Inkrument, International Peoples Gang, Is it Balearic, Jose Manuel, Justin Robertson, Karizma, Keaver & Brause, Kids in Tracksuits,, King Kool, KK-Kings, Knall Scharf, Kora, Landrover, Last Pedestrians, London Records, Lone, Loscoe State Opera, Lovefingers, Mainstem, Mas y Mas, Max Essa, MCA, Mike Pickering, Multiply Records, Mudd and Pollard, Mushrooms Project, Neil Cousin,  New Avengers, Nina Smith, Non Thespian, Nottingham Contemporary, Papa Le Bas, Pathe, Paul Smith, Peter Visti, Pharao Black Magic, Polydor, Prins Thomas, Ray Mang, RED,  Rich n Famous, Rubix, Rune Lindbæk, San Raphael, Saro Tribastone, Smith and Mudd, Scorzayzee, Soft Rocks, Social Disco Club, Shrinkwrap, Sony- PSP, Sophie Johnson-Hill, Spirytus, St Petersburg Disco Club, Taka Boom, Tim McDonald, Two Mamarrachos, Vince Vega, Warners, Warp, Weekend Players, XL,  Yeti Boy, Zoe Johnston